What’s up everybody? I’m done with my DELOAD week, and I never have felt better to start pumping iron again!

It’s been 3 days since my heavy session and I’m still feeling sore. I have been reading about how helpful it is to have a deload period as it essentially kick starts your body into building muscle again if you hit a plateau.

It definitely worked. I like to think that the body is like a constantly burning fire, and the actions and foods you take in will make the fire burn in peculiar ways. Letting the fire die off a little then starting it up again, makes for a fiery explosion.





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I’ve made this design available to purchase as a T-shirt, and prints!


I’ve made this design available to purchase as a T-shirt, and prints!


Apple Time: Big day tomorrow

Alright guys, it is the day I’ve been anticipating for a month now.



I’ve preorder my gold, plus 128 gb version, now I want to also grab a 16 gb space grey one..

I’m getting greedy, but I’ve been striving for opportunities to make money, and this is it.

I’ve begun finding inspiration in audio books, specifically The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and now I am listening to Think and Grow Rich.

Anyhoo, I’m starting a new YouTube channel with my coworker, and our first video is going to be about the release!

I’m planning on going to the Apple Store anywhere between 5 and 7 AM to a horde of people waiting for their phones… HOPEFULLY, I will be able to snag the most abundant base model, and flip it before the day ends. Between grabbing my two iPhones and selling them, we’re going to be filming them.

It’s gonna be really awesome, we have it scripted and everything… I’ll be sure to post it here when it is done. We’re shooting for by Monday.

I already sold the gold one on ebay, and I’ll be raking in $300 extra for my services. I’m hoping to rake in another 150-200$ for this other transaction in cash, because I will need immediate funds in the near future.

Weather will factor in on our ability to shoot tomorrow, but I am faithful that the gods shine on us.

Wish me luck tomorrow, rock on!!


OMG I managed to reserve a gold iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB!!! Minus $1012 something, but I have great plans for this phone.

A friend and I are going to shoot a video on opening day, and it’s gonna be sick. Whoever I sell this phone to on eBay will hold a piece of my history.

I checked the scale this morning after I slept for 12 hours, yep that’s right I didn’t sleep at all on Thursday night, because it took me 3 hours to get access to the Apple Store website after midnight..

ANYWAYS, I checked the scale and guess what??? I’m down to 210.0 lbs again!! Alright!!! On the borderline to break my personal record now, keep it diligent and stay focused for this week, and I’ll be sub 210 lbs for a longgggg time (i hope).

I am slowly losing weight but my physique is also looking great. I probably put on a few poundages of muscle too! 

Anyways here a picture of my preorder.. BALLAAAA

Yo yo what’s up everybody. I know I was preaching about sleep in my earlier post, but guess what I’m gettin none tonight.

That’s right yours truly is about to stay awake until 2 AM order himself a shiny new gold iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB.

All to wait in line next Friday to pick it up without waiting in the longer line.

Then I’ll go home, and look at it for a while before…

I sell it on eBay.

That’s right motherf**kers i’m selling it for some quick cash. Don’t judge me! I need it so I can get my monthly protein fix I swear!!

Or.. Maybe if i get enough I’ll actually buy the phone for myself… or a PS4… or save it so I can burn it all on penny stocks…

BUT either way, I’m excited to be one of many tools really cool peoples waiting in line at the Apple Store at 6AM. 

Sleep and metabolism

So I’ve been diligently counting my calories with a +/- 100 calorie margin of error, I have been rigorously working out in the gym for at least 4 hours a week of high intensity lifts and cardio. Even with all of that said, I have been struggling to lose weight.

I am now realizing what is consistent when I lose weight and when I don’t.

I’ve been sleep deprived these past 2 weeks.

I’ve done a bit of research into how the body reacts when it is sleep deprived, and apparently it is a lot like being a Type 2 diabetic. The body slows down its breakdown of carbohydrates, and insulin becomes more resistant. Not to mention the body begins to crave more food as a result of releasing more ghrelin hormone.

So the take away message here is get your sleep people! If you’re stalling on weight loss, definitely consider whether or not you are getting enough quality sleep where you feel refreshed in the morning,

Great lifting session today, made a new gym buddy, the biggest guy at my gym! He pointed out that I was doing my deadlifts with improper form, and I would hurt myself if I continued to do it this way. I have a lot of respect for someone who can craft such a ripped physique in 2 years, but he tells me he was just like me and ended up snapping his shit.

Much kudos to you stranger, hopefully I will see more of you in the gym and we will both make great progress towards our goals.

Dear Internet,

I’m back and with a vengeance!

My life has drastically changed in the last month or so, and I would love to detail some of it for you all. It’s been about one month since I started to buckle down to weight train and eat right, and I am coming along quite nicely.

I will also tell you that my mood has been very stable this past month despite all these new stresses. I’d like to think that I am repairing the damage I’ve done to my body these past five years emotionally and physically, and that once I get this ball rolling I’ll be unstoppable!

I would love to fill you all in (all 10 of my followers lol) on information, skills, and experiences on my journey towards a better life.

As a means to improve myself, I’ve decided to start vlogging to improve my social skills as well as to motivate others in their journey to a better life. Right now my plan is to hopefully churn out a few videos a week, but right now I am just getting used to the camera.

With that all said, here are some of my short term goals I’ve been able to accomplish in the past month:

1. Get my driver’s license.

2. Get a gym membership.

3. Stop beating myself up all the time.

4. Feel emotionally stable.

5. Find time for friends, and keep busy.

6. Start weight training.

7. Start eating right.

That’s right! I was able to accomplish all of that in the past month. It might not seem like much, but for me seeing as I was severely depressed a few months ago this is a remarkable improvement. Let me have my moment.

OK OK, before things get too long and out of hand.. Here is a new list of goals I would like to achieve in a month:

1. Smile and laugh more.

2. Write more.

3. Start vlogging at least a video a week!

4. Get out of my comfort zone and socialize more!

5. Regain my ambitions for monetary fulfillment!

6. Let go of any lingering fear and truly cut the rope and let myself free!

7. MOST IMPORTANTLY… Don’t give up on what I’ve started.

A month after I start, is usually when I give up. It has happened to me time and time again. I’ve told myself time and time again that I would continue with my effort, but I become sidetracked by stresses out of my control. However, I am making a great effort to ensure that I will not fall off the path again. 

I feel better than I have in over a year.. I really can attribute this uplifting attitude by staying active and enjoying my place of work.

It’s only been a month, and I’ve been able to accomplish more than I could possibly imagine. It’s time to keep pushing towards the sky, there is no telling how much stronger I can become. I will be humble, this is just the beginning, and there are many arduous trials ahead…